Tips For Shopping From Stainless Steel Door Manufacturers in Noida

Gone are the days when steel doors were considered as old fashioned. Now, most of the people love to have a strong core steel door at their entrance for maximum security. Increasing the safety and energy efficiency of your home doesn’t have to mean sacrificing design. The stainless steel door manufacturers in Noida offer a wide range of steel doors that provide not only improved security for the front entrance, but also a unique look. Steel doors are strong and offer you peace of mind.

Why is steel door considered the best by steel door manufacturers in Noida ?

Around half the market is accounted for steel doors. You can get in touch with the stainless steel manufacturers in Noida and get one made for your home. Before you place a booking for your door, let us get to know their pros:


  • They are relatively cheap and can provide the protection and weather resistance of fibreglass and wood doors that are far more costly.
  • If dents are part of your home situation, steel doors need little maintenance.
  • They are energy-efficient, but their insulating value is cut by inserting glass panels.

Important things that you must consider when shopping from stainless steel manufacturers in Noida

Now that you know about the pros of the steel doors and have made up your mind to shop for them, let us move forward and understand quick tips that can help you grab the best deals from stainless steel manufacturers in Noida.

The case of the door

As it cannot be kicked in and is incredibly difficult to bend, a steel entry door provides a major protection advantage over hollow or wooden-core doors. Steel door manufacturer in Ghaziabad can produce doors that are not only easy to customise and paint, but also last a lifetime, using galvanised steel, steel coated in zinc oxide to avoid rust and corrosion and make it resistant to scratching.

Most of these doors use what is known as 24-gauge steel, which refers to the metal’s thickness and weight; regular steel doors use a 0.0250 inch thick coating that weighs 1.15 pounds per square foot.


Now this one is the most important point that you need to keep in mind. The steel doors can cost a good amount and can also fit in your budget if you get them customised. You need to make sure that the steel door manufacturer in Ghaziabad understands your budget and can offer you a good product.


You may want the new door to be the same size as the old one, unless a replacement door is part of a larger remodelling project. Choosing a bigger door or installing sidelights means redoing the framing of the door around the door, a job best left to a contractor. Home centres usually provide installation or referral programmes. You may also want to employ a pro to install the stainless steel door in Noida for getting best entry looks.


These are some quick things that you need to keep in mind when you plan out to shop for a good quality steel door for your entrance. BadriDecor desire to offer clients with the best products accessible in the industry to ease their work and advance productivity. Our hard work remain in standing true to our name in the industry and deliver our customers with absolute fulfilment in terms of quality and durability. Keep this in mind and enjoy buying from the best steel door manufacturers in Noida.



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